you’re going to answer what is the best homeowners insurance in the state of New York now the reason we break this down by state is because every carriers policy is a little different state-by-state to homeowners insurance policy that you might buy from a company like Safeco here in New York will be slightly different from the homeowners insurance policy Levi from Safeco in Vermont or Massachusetts for Pennsylvania or in the state of New York terrier and then subsequently policy really comes down more to the insurance professional you work with the purchase that pause then it does the carrier.

Itself in the reason that I say that is because a good insurance professionals going to shop your your home your your package of risks all the things that go into your homeowners insurance policy like do you have children is your home in a flood zone do you have finished basement what kind of service lines do you have two trees hang over your home you will cool what kind of dogs do you have a hobby Farm there are all kinds of things that go into a police setting up in the homeowners insurance policy and the first job of an insurance agent is to kind of do a quick interview with you and make sure they understand what those risks are then you need to evaluate how much coverage you need on your policy through a replacement cost calculator and then that package is sent out to multiple carriers so we’re going to work with Keira road we work with large Nationals Safeco Travelers Hartford we also are run through our many mutual’s many single stage companies are there in a few States right or wrong which company.

Is the best fit for your particular your particular needs and it is their pricing and is their coverage and this is the this is the final piece is there claims-handling right for you cuz everyone every company’s going to be a little different the cheapest company may have room to cover you’re not as robust of coverage and maybe they don’t they don’t handle claims as well you’re fighting with another company that might be slightly higher in price doesn’t have to be much more but slightly higher price could pay that claim they can look for ways to find you and dynamic differences and my recommendation to you homeowners insurance for you and your family and your homeowner’s needs is to work with an agent who’s in a package or your policy up send it out to Carrie I can have a quick discussion with you about what the nuances of each carrier and what their recommendation.

Is for your best policy because your best policy may not be the same as your neighbours that’s policy or as your sister brother who lives down the street or you know a cousin who lives on the other side of the state every individual’s homeowners insurance policy is going to be different and therefore the best policy for them is going to be different and you need to work with a freshly trust who will think about your specific risk and find you the right company and if you think Rogue risk is that insurance agent we would love to work with you we are homeowners insurance Specialists you can give us a call call at 518-960-6600 or visit us online at Djraj.In today thank you I look forward to working with you.